Sunday, April 19, 2015

Little Moments

I saw this clip for the first time over two years ago, and I still love it. There's something about simple truth that really resonates with me. I've had several experiences similar to these that makes it even more real.

One of my favorite childhood memories is from when I was very little. At the time my family lived up above a small creek that ran along the bottom of our property line. My brothers and I often played down by the banks of the creek, building forts, chasing snakes, and playing make-believe. At the time I wasn't very responsible with my things, and I frequently would leave things where they didn't belong. 

Once it rained really hard, and the creek banks flooded, washing away everything that we had left by the fort we had built. My mother had warned me that I needed to clean things up before the rain, but I had ignored her. 

When I saw that it had flooded I was distraught, I had left my boots down there, and after a lot of searching, only found one. I stood at the top and the hill just above where it was flooding and started to cry. My uncle came out to me and gave me hug. He picked me up and just stood there as I cried about my lost boot. 

I never did find it, but the memory was worth the price of one boot. Now I'm twelve years older, much too old to be held by my uncle anymore, but we still cherish this memory. Little clips like these help me remember precious moments that I've had with my family. 

What memories do you have? Who with?


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