Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Because of Him

I was reading an article today titled "Approaching the Throne of God" by Elder Jorg Klebingat, an ecclesiastical leader in the LDS church. It was 4 am when I read it, so I'm surprised that I remembered anything from it at all, but the following are some points that I really enjoyed.

 I love questions that make me think...It's how I learn best. So when he started out his article with these questions I was really grateful. He asks "What thoughts come to your mind if you had a personal interview with your Savior one minute from now? Would sins, regrets, and shortcomings dominate your self-image, or would you simply experience joyful anticipation? Would you meet or avoid His gaze? Would you linger by the door, or walk confidently up to Him?".

These questions really touched me. How would I respond? Initially I get really excited at the idea of seeing Him face to face, but then I see myself in the moment, and at times I'm not sure. I love Him, and am so grateful to Him, for because of Him I can do anything. But when you hold someone in awe like that, it's hard to see yourself in their presence. That's how I feel with Christ sometimes...but we need to realize that these feelings of unworthiness don't come from God. Satan wants us to forget that we're children of God, that He loves us and wants us to be with Him. It's one of Satan's most effective weapons, because we're already prone to doing that to ourselves anyway.

Here's an awesome clip that I've loved since I first saw it over a a year ago. I hope you enjoy!


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