Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This one really speaks to me. I really love making music, I like writing books, and I enjoy seeing the creations of others. There are a lot of neat things taught here about how God has given us the ability to create!

God has given us all different levels of talents and skills. I'm a pretty good musician, if I do say so myself, but I'm nowhere near where the music majors in my school are. Yet I can play well enough to entertain myself and friends, which is what I care about. I also love to write, but I'm not really inclined to write something to get published, again it's something I like for myself and friends. I do have a talent for talking to people, and a desire to help them, as well as a love for health and nutrition. Unlike writing and music, this isn't a skill I've "always had", but I've come to develop it. So if you find that there's a skill or talent that you're drawn to, try it out. It might be something that God would have you develop. 

Happy creating!


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